Aerial Videography
and Photography Services

Looking to hire a company that can legally and safely capture video using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or drone for your next project? You found it! AeriFocus produces professional, aerial videography and photography used by a variety of industries including commercial and residential real estate, construction, structural inspection, property appraisals, outdoor events, and more.

We offer standard and customized aerial videography and photography packages that fit any demanding project!

We are certified and authorized by the FAA to operate drones commercially. Our FAA certified pilots produce gorgeous cinematic videos that captivate the viewer. Our aerial platforms can capture content from all angles. In post production exterior footage can be paired seamlessly with indoor footage. Most projects can be produced in a few days and can be viewed on a computer, tablet, or mobile device!

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Real Estate Marketing

Our aerial platforms record the surroundings of any property, in any direction, in 4K and HD. Our indoor video platforms record stable, cinematic content, which can be uniquely paired with the aerial video resulting in a stunning, affordable, listing video.

Aerial videography is great for marketing golf courses, parks, hotels, real estate listings or boats, or marinas. Prospect buyers will now be able to see how close your property is to the nearest highways, schools, and shopping centers. It’s also perfect for waterfront properties or those with nearby waterways.

Property Appraisal / Structural Inspection

Our drones can capture hi-resolution photos which can be used in property inspections, appraisals, and insurance claims. We can shoot the footage and provide it electronically the same day.

Custom Projects

Have an event or activity that requires aerial videography or photography? Hire us to cover it for you! All of the footage we create can be edited for you or provided in RAW format. Our professional editors can even add music tracks to your videos.

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We offer great packages that fit most of our clients needs. But each client is different so we also provide customized quotes to fit your needs, based on the complexity of the job and location.

Aerial Photo Package

Selling your home? Our aerial photo package includes:

  • Up to 15 high resolution stills from various heights and angles to capture the full view of the property and it is surroundings.
  • Basic editing and color correction.
  • You will receive 2 copies of each image – one high resolution for print and one low resolution for web publication.
  • Additional images upon request at additional charge.
  • Electronic delivery.

Aerial Video Package

Want to showcase your property with a stunning aerial cinematic video? Our video package includes:

  • Custom made 90 second video using aerial footage.
  • Footage includes property from various heights and angles using cinematic movements.
  • Property address and other text blurbs added.
  • Video edited with transitions and fades.
  • Background music.
  • Video can be hosted by us to link or embed the video in your website.
  • Basic editing and color correction.
  • Electronic delivery.

Custom Project

Have a project that requires a little more work? Contact us for a free quote. With our flat rate for aerial photo/videography, you are in control and we will shoot whatever you need.

  • Minimum of two hours per project (one hour travel time and one onsite).
  • Basic editing and color correction.
  • Raw footage is provided to client.
  • Electronic delivery.

Our Portfolio

Take a look at some of our latest projects below! Or visit our Vimeo and YouTube channels to see all of our work.

Residential Real Estate

Our residential real estate projects primarily involve aerial videography. We use the videos to create stunning marketing videos in post production.

Commercial Real Estate

For our commercial real estate clients, we have developed a standard photography package that properly captures the subject from multiple angles, heights, and distances. We also record videos in 4K that can be used in traditional sales and marketing videos.

Why Choose Us

Our company values will ensure successful and safe operations while providing our customers with top quality, highly viewed productions that will enhance their sales.

  • We are a small family owned company with backgrounds in technology, real estate, marketing, and advertising.
  • We are fully licensed and insured to operate anywhere in the U.S. and it’s territories.
  • Our equipment and operators are fully insured and licensed by the FAA for commercial operations. All of our pilots hold FAA airmen certificates and can operate our drones commercially. 
  • Our drones are capable of recording videos in 4K or HD.
Approved by the FAA to conduct commercial operations

Approved by the FAA to conduct commercial operations

Customer Testimonials

“I worked with Dan from AeriFocus to shoot a retail center and could not be happier. I provided all the angles and shots I was looking for, and they got them all. They went out the day after the initial shoot, after performing QA on their original shots to make sure he got all the requested shots and delivered on time. Their bid was not the lowest that I had received, but the additional cost is well worth the quality product I received.”

Commercial Real Estate Client
May 2016

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