Construction and Surveying

For construction and engineering companies, our services can provide safer, faster, more efficient and cost effective ways to maximize profits!


We can provide imaging for construction companies that optimizes every phase of your project!  For example:

  • Aerial video and photography facilitates surveying and scanning of the land areas much faster then manned aircraft.
  • Take weekly aerial photos and/or video to create a time lapse file. Use this for internal company presentations, coordinating logistics and even for marketing purposes.
  • We can create 3D rendering of the sites or buildings for marketing or planning purposes.
  • Our aircraft can use thermal imaging cameras to capture more than the naked eye can see. We can identify cold and hot spots and provide detailed reports.


Engineering firms can benefit from our lost cost imaging services as well. Our services can be used for:

  • Building Planning – our UAVs can take photos at specific GPS position and elevations in open space.
  • Using drones to capture images of the land for pre-construction surveys.

3D rendering of the site, and then create a layer for each stage of building, show how the project will progress and helping to identify potential problems. Without drones, these tasks might require hiring a plane or helicopter, as well as a staff of data scientists. Drones provide the opportunity to offer these services at a more competitive rate, and with the bonus of gathering the data safely. And speaking of safety.