Real Estate Marketing

Residential Real Estate

Aerial video and photography has proven to be a must have tool in a Realtor’s marketing strategy. Today’s real estate buyers shop online first, so having high quality photos and video in the MLS and your website, will definitely boost the chances of a sale.

Using high definition camera drones we can capture flawless fly arounds of home exteriors, sweeping shots of landscapes and surroundings, and more shots that will highly differentiate a listing.

Our residential real estate projects primarily involve both aerial videography and photography. We create stunning marketing videos which we host online for you to use. The hi-res photography is optimized for use in the MLS.

Commercial Real Estate

For our commercial real estate clients, we properly capture the subjects from multiple angles, heights, and distances.

Use aerial videography and photography for marketing, planning, inspection, and surveying of commercial properties is a must. For these projects we deploy larger industrial level platforms. These larger drones are designed to fly over high rises, residential multi-unit projects, warehouses, or commercial plazas.